Making faceplates in resin, pewter etc

With all my silicon moulds made and the hot wax poured and out of the way. I moved on to resin and pewter. I wanted to try resin as I’ve never used it before and also because i can make a few different colours from it. i thought it would be a nice material expression and also that kind of translucent solid was nice.

I spent some time mixing the resin with different colours, i needed to make sure the moulds were tight and locked, so i made little clamps out of metal to hold it tight in place. The resin was poured and kept in vented box due to the smell.


WIth the resin casts poured i moved onto pewter, pewter was new for me, its weird how liquid it is at such a moderate temperature, only 300 degrees and its molten.

when making the pewter, i found it hard to keep the pewter hot when moving from the liquid to the pouring, that transition taking it away from the heat made it hard to continuously pour. as you see in the video i had to keep going back to get more pewter and quickly because it got so cool and solid so quick.

All the pewter and resin casts are ready to be polished and neatened up.

I made some other pieces in wood and acrylic, which didn’t quite pan out they just didn’t quite translate well to the ceramic.

laser wood me 1000 triangles faceplate

I used 123d make and the laser cutter to make these, they just don’t work that well on the ceramic, i wanted some material variety but i’m not going to use it for the sole sake of using it. it doesn’t work bottom line.

I made a little list for what plates i have left to make, and where they could go, the red indicates what has been completed or is in progress. I have a fair few casts at this stage, probably enough, i’m not going to do any more i will work with what i have. next dilemma is make them adhere to the wall, i need a way to hang them!


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