We have lustre! success! (kinda) and my Shapeways order has arrived

Today is the day, Lustre is happening! i booked the big electric kiln for today, i am alittle behind t=due to the glazing mess up, but even still it should be fine. My previous attempts at lustr have not gone great, but i am at the stage i have to do this, its got to happen. So to prepare i bought some VERY soft expensive sable brushes. And i called the shop i bought the lustres from to get the best advice. They said apply evenly and not to thin, make sure to fire at 780-790 degrees, so thats what i did, i fired them to about 780.


I did think that masking would help, it infact made it worse, the masking tape soaked up the lustre and did not help so doing this didn’t help. IMG_3710

Only the metallics can be done first as they fire a little higher than my coloured lustres.

when my kiln was cooling i tried to stick my phone inside to see the results, i was eager and excited when i saw the pics.

here are the results, cant complain! some of them have small blemishes, where the lustre could have been a bit thicker, but you wont notice unless i point it out (like i’m doing right now) other than that, this is the best I’ve done with gold lustre and i’m feeling more confident about achieving these results in the future.

here is my head lustred up, i got some small blemishes that turned purple on the sides, i have bought an eraser to hopefully fix this fingers crossed, its really bugging me at the moment.

shapeways order

My shapeways order also arrived. They all look great! they are a little thinner than expected but they really aren’t bad at all. one of them is completely wrong however. a new one has been ordered and that should be fixed in due course. cant be helped..happens.

Placing the shapes into the heads, they fit great! here we are. i was originally going to attach the shapes with glue but after seeing how beautiful the lustre is i will use clear silicon sealant to keep everything preserved and impermanent. IMG_3728


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