Professional Practice – A conversation about cardiff met masters

Its no secret that I want to go abroad, go and explore new places, and get to know a new culture.I am bursting at the seams with ideas of travelling and going away. I have gained all i can from being in Cardiff, i have worked and educated myself and really gotten to know my birth place very well. i do think i’m now at the point where i am in need of a culture shock.

In preparation for thinking about how i will explore this change, I have spoken to a few individuals and have done some research.

Erasmus exchange, from a masters in Cardiff

I know that i am literally contradicting what I just wrote but, this is an option, I had a lengthy chat with a lecturer on the Design Futures Masters and MDes masters of design courses at Cardiff metropolitan. I firstly discussed that i was interested in the SADI South Korea part of the masters of design course, if i’m honest i struggled to identify with that course in its description, but that is such an appealing piece of the course to me, how could i ignore. I explained my practice and my work and what i hoped to achieve in the coming years, and we discussed that this course wouldn’t be right for me, that it was more for some one whom is a professional seeking to expand there executive knowledge and adapt it for a leadership role. don’t get me wrong i’m sure there are useful things to learn, but it did sound like there wasn’t much making involved. and Im highly doubting my degree piece shall be my magnum opus.

Next we discussed what the design futures course involves and how it could perhaps benefit me. The course sounded a lot more beneficial to myself and also in the way it was described to me, a linear teaching approach to how the course would best suit me seemed to prevail, depending on the outcome, if i am considering employment, a PHD or freelance work, The course can be configured to that end. so that sounded interesting.

The conversation concluded discussing my having a place on the course (providing i get the grades) and his enthusiam for this course being the right fit, has encouraged me toward that direction. So i shall be applying for the design futures and shall be having a conversation with the erasmus office in cardiff met.





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