Professional Practice – Japan

Looking at Post grad opportunities, and trying to centre that focus abroad, How could I not look at Japan. Such a crucial influence through out my life and the original intent of my degree work in looking at negative space Ma (間). Even though I didn’t “fully” achieve what I was aiming for in a body of work that really discovers what that “pause” is , It certainly found itself in a form within my final piece. And looking at that philosophy and a few more interesting philosophies I have found.

these kinds of philosophies can see themselves realised in future projects.

Ive had a search for some opportunities, grants, scholarships etc.

Daiwa – Absolutely looks fantastic, Im wondering what criteria I would need to fill. I shall have to get in touch. A 20 month scholarship,  promoting british, japnese relations. the prospect for artistic collaboration and inspiration is real! and I have a good idea or 5 for what i can do for this!

Mext – At present, the deadline has passed, and my concern is it requires me to have a certain level of Japanese proficient at present. Not that I wouldn’t be open to learning.

JET – The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme, an official Japanese Government scheme, sends graduates to Japan in order to promote international understanding at grass-roots level and to improve foreign language teaching in schools.

With The modern Tokyo being overseen by the old mount fuji, it is but in japans very nature to have the contrast of the old and the new working in harmony.

Artists and Art from Japan I like

I found some beautiful examples of work from Japanese artists and designers

TAKURO KUWATA – Red-slipped gold Kairagi Shino bowl, 2013


Inure Takashi – Where Shadow Meets Form

How beautiful is this vessel by Takuro kuwata. I like the idea that there is this cracked beautiful gold shell revealing this raw nature underneath. It make the piece look vulnerable.

Riusuke Fukahori – Resin Paintings



These are but a few artists that have caught my eye, i have found so many that I like and so many that inspire me!


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