Putting my exhibition space toghether

I had a few things todo in order to put my space together, The studio space had been successfully dismantled, and I had my designated space. Plinths needed to be made for a start. I was given the cut wood, after establishing the dimensions of my plinths.

I made the plinths, but i did make an initial mistake, I glued and nailed the battons to the wrong pieces of wood, so as a result i had to cut the batons off with a table saw and re cut the panels of wood I had messed up.

I then worked on making the back board to mount the faceplates. I figured out the correct size and cut the board down and drilled the holes for the acrylic dowel.

The structure and arrangement of my space had to change a little because of the size shelves i could find as well as the fact that the spaces were broken up into boards 4feet across,

Everything is put up and completed, I just hope that the faceplates stay on the wall, im not sure the sticky glue dots are enough to hold them in place.


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