Professional Practice – UK Masters and studios


MSc Applied Technologies:Rapid Prototyping and Digital Technologies – London

The title of this course appears to be hitting the right cord for me. I find my self certainly very attracted to 3d printing and have used digital technology through out my degree.

This course I have found seems to really push that idea of 3d printing, and mainly that. I am wondering if that is right for me as it may not facilitate the cross disciplinary approach i am after in my work

MA Designer Maker at Camberwell College of Arts – London

Application deadline – 2015

This course appears to be very similar To my maker course which isn’t a bad thing, i would hope it could facilitate an evolution of my current ability and thinking.

MA in Design Critical Practice – London

Excerpt from course descriptor:

‘On the MA in Design Critical Practice programme, we ask you to examine the ‘liquid times’ we are living in; examine a landscape of practices (from everyday to specialised) that are no longer solid but are being made fluid by rapid technological, social, political, economic developments and environmental change.

The MA in Design Critical Practice helps equip you to critically and imaginatively face the challenges of our contemporary world and future prospects.’

Tom Dixon

I really enjoy Tom Dixons work, mainly because there is such a celebration of material. I mean just such care and thought is given to the materials qualities. Its like the materials are his children and he’s asking them what they would like to be when they grow up. I would aspire to either work at this studio, or simply evolve from these ideas.

Prop Shop

Prop shop make, props for big movies, and a range of media. all with the use of rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing as well as other mediums as well. I think they align well with my career path as I have experience in scenic theatre set making and design and I think i got quite good at it.


Maker and Materials provides an opportunity for individuals to explore design ideas and develop them through an intimate knowledge of materials and making processes.

This course seems to really emphasise that material use as well as a focus on process. sounds like a great course choice.


Digital art and technology is very interesting to me, I am wondering if i will actually produce a physical object though… still very interesting and a possiblility.

Immerse yourself in the world of emergent digital technologies. Integrating science, technology and art, we’ve created a multi-disciplinary, research-focused environment in which you can develop your own personal digital practice. From artists and designers to curators and musicians, our programme encourages critical discourse through the creative and innovative application of digital technologies.


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