Professional Practice – Working on my press pack

I did some research into press packs, looking at the different styles and types depending on which market, such as gaming press packs, some of which had props from the games which had little lcd screens that show footage from the games. Some of the packs were very uniquely designed and were rather beautiful. I like the very graphically creative ones that show a consistency in design across each piece of the pack.

I drew some concepts for what I could do, i am trying to decide if I should change things for new designers.

IMG_20150518_0005I drew some quick concepts for card layouts.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 23.17.03

I made this first mock up, on photoshop, its ok.. but i think it would work better with coloured lustre pieces in there. Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 00.00.39

This was what i did on Moos’ creator, It works, but the signature vector i had felt alittle messy so im going to redo it.

Using Illustrator I scanned my signature in, and live traced it to get a smooth vector image. I wanted the signature to be a short abbreviated version of my full one. my ‘artist signature’ if you like.

i haveIMG_20150518_0006

I have some ideas for how to lay out the pack, though im thinking maybe simplify it for the exhibition and make a better one for new designers, as im short on time.


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