Artist Statement – There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face

My work looks at how we represent and portray ourselves in a digital space. Ones portrayal of themselves in an online ecosystem is largely skewed, this is a feature of who they should be, never are the insecurities shown or the flaws revealed. Vulnerabilities such as these are how we define our best attributes and ultimately forge long lasting relationships.

I look at how the facets of ones self are greatly lessened when choosing what information to construct in the digital space, through 3D scanning a person, I digitally ‘decimate’ the facets their faces are made of thus abstracting there true self. This I feel is what would best visually represent ones online identity in a digital setting. The less facets to be seen, the less a person is truly showing of themselves.

This lack of true transparency amplifies our intentions. This intention to connect with others. The shape of this intention in my work is as simple as a primitive shape each unique to a person. Within this longing to connect an extrusion of that shape reaches out, and sometimes two shapes will meet and lock into each other, and a bond is formed.

The process of creating this work has been a hybrid approach crossing two diverse realities, bringing the digital into the physical, through 3D printing and 3D scanning. As well as utilising a traditional ceramic based approach. This is in combination of other materials such as bronze, pewter and resin casting, PLA and 3D printed wood.


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