Artist Statement – There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face

My work looks at how we represent and portray ourselves in a digital space. Ones portrayal of themselves in an online ecosystem is largely skewed, this is a feature of who they should be, never are the insecurities shown or the flaws revealed. Vulnerabilities such as these are how we define our best attributes and ultimately forge long lasting relationships.

I look at how the facets of ones self are greatly lessened when choosing what information to construct in the digital space, through 3D scanning a person, I digitally ‘decimate’ the facets their faces are made of thus abstracting there true self. This I feel is what would best visually represent ones online identity in a digital setting. The less facets to be seen, the less a person is truly showing of themselves.

This lack of true transparency amplifies our intentions. This intention to connect with others. The shape of this intention in my work is as simple as a primitive shape each unique to a person. Within this longing to connect an extrusion of that shape reaches out, and sometimes two shapes will meet and lock into each other, and a bond is formed.

The process of creating this work has been a hybrid approach crossing two diverse realities, bringing the digital into the physical, through 3D printing and 3D scanning. As well as utilising a traditional ceramic based approach. This is in combination of other materials such as bronze, pewter and resin casting, PLA and 3D printed wood.



In looking for a masters course, I came across the term, “post digital” and further than that, “post Digital artist”. How is this defined?

#postdigitalism primarily refers to the exploration of new avenues dealing with the extraction of the digital into the physical, the result of which aims to create hybrid artworks. Artworks resulting from the cross between two diverse realities. That of the physical existence and that of the abstractness of the digital world.- Theo-Mass Lexileictous

I think this LITERALLY PERFECTLY describes my work and also what i enjoy, i think that this is where i want to go and how i want to practice and I would happily categorise myself as a postdigital artist, or at least maybe one day i could.

Professional Practice – UK Masters and studios


MSc Applied Technologies:Rapid Prototyping and Digital Technologies – London

The title of this course appears to be hitting the right cord for me. I find my self certainly very attracted to 3d printing and have used digital technology through out my degree.

This course I have found seems to really push that idea of 3d printing, and mainly that. I am wondering if that is right for me as it may not facilitate the cross disciplinary approach i am after in my work

MA Designer Maker at Camberwell College of Arts – London

Application deadline – 2015

This course appears to be very similar To my maker course which isn’t a bad thing, i would hope it could facilitate an evolution of my current ability and thinking.

MA in Design Critical Practice – London

Excerpt from course descriptor:

‘On the MA in Design Critical Practice programme, we ask you to examine the ‘liquid times’ we are living in; examine a landscape of practices (from everyday to specialised) that are no longer solid but are being made fluid by rapid technological, social, political, economic developments and environmental change.

The MA in Design Critical Practice helps equip you to critically and imaginatively face the challenges of our contemporary world and future prospects.’

Tom Dixon

I really enjoy Tom Dixons work, mainly because there is such a celebration of material. I mean just such care and thought is given to the materials qualities. Its like the materials are his children and he’s asking them what they would like to be when they grow up. I would aspire to either work at this studio, or simply evolve from these ideas.

Prop Shop

Prop shop make, props for big movies, and a range of media. all with the use of rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing as well as other mediums as well. I think they align well with my career path as I have experience in scenic theatre set making and design and I think i got quite good at it.


Maker and Materials provides an opportunity for individuals to explore design ideas and develop them through an intimate knowledge of materials and making processes.

This course seems to really emphasise that material use as well as a focus on process. sounds like a great course choice.


Digital art and technology is very interesting to me, I am wondering if i will actually produce a physical object though… still very interesting and a possiblility.

Immerse yourself in the world of emergent digital technologies. Integrating science, technology and art, we’ve created a multi-disciplinary, research-focused environment in which you can develop your own personal digital practice. From artists and designers to curators and musicians, our programme encourages critical discourse through the creative and innovative application of digital technologies.

New designers – London

I got told that I was selected for new designers in London, I said to Ingrid upon walking in that if i wasn’t selected that I wouldn’t take it as my work was bad, but that it wouldn’t be relevant or beneficial to me, my work or skills, and thankfully that wasn’t the case.

This should be a great opportunity for me and a chance to just see lots of other designers and get a chance to speak to people in the industry that can give me some great advice and knowledge and maybe get some contacts to.

I still have to polish up my work, blog and press packs, but this should be a worthwhile trip.

Professional Practice – Working on my press pack

I did some research into press packs, looking at the different styles and types depending on which market, such as gaming press packs, some of which had props from the games which had little lcd screens that show footage from the games. Some of the packs were very uniquely designed and were rather beautiful. I like the very graphically creative ones that show a consistency in design across each piece of the pack.

I drew some concepts for what I could do, i am trying to decide if I should change things for new designers.

IMG_20150518_0005I drew some quick concepts for card layouts.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 23.17.03

I made this first mock up, on photoshop, its ok.. but i think it would work better with coloured lustre pieces in there. Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 00.00.39

This was what i did on Moos’ creator, It works, but the signature vector i had felt alittle messy so im going to redo it.

Using Illustrator I scanned my signature in, and live traced it to get a smooth vector image. I wanted the signature to be a short abbreviated version of my full one. my ‘artist signature’ if you like.

i haveIMG_20150518_0006

I have some ideas for how to lay out the pack, though im thinking maybe simplify it for the exhibition and make a better one for new designers, as im short on time.

Professional Practice – South Korea

After speaking to the careers advisor she gave me some great links to research my options for finding a course abroad. so i have started sieving through these links to find relevant courses. this shall take some time.

South Korea

I had a look into what studying in Korea may require or might be like. this article is very good as  jumping off point: Want to Study Abroad in Korea? 14 Things to Expect. The language issue is up in the air, and not entirely clear i need to do more research. If the language does become an issue, i can either look elsewhere or really consider learning it and pushing the course back.

here it says: Americans are treated with extreme hospitality in South Korea, and with so many English-speaking Koreans, the language barrier is quickly eroding, and students who study abroad in South Korea will definitely benefit from it. Getting around South Korea is easy, which is fortunate since there are so many wonderful places to see!

why Korea?

Its going to be a MASSIVE culture shock for me, and from what i have read, south Korea, is a touch more a-tuned to westerners more than other asian locales. korean design and artistry is just beautiful, I remember seeing the large Korean moon jar in the V&A museum in london and being so excited by it, you just don’t see ceramic like that everyday, and there is ALOT of ceramic to see everyday. Seoul seems to be a growing technological city as well. and how beautiful is Koreas nature! 

I found a site where you can arrange meet ups with people who speak the same language. even though from what I’ve read, english speaking is certainly on the rise.

Notable South Korean artists/ Designers

Doh-Ho Suh

Metal Jacket 1992-2001

Doh-Ho Suh is firmly locked in the fine artist category for me, but thats ok, his stuff is still so exciting such a wonderful celebration of art, i love it, and its so fresh! I feel like some of his work i would align with y own in that they are really embedded in there fictions.


Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge

I just want to mention that Samsungs’ design has been.. lax for a good long while, but i m finding there new stuff to be more material conscious and just more daring and more beautiful than before, best example that galaxy s6 Edge phone.

I have found 2 courses so far, and from there descriptors they seem promising.

Seung Yong Song

Seung Yong Song is an up and coming furniture designer whos making a name for himself in the world of furniture design.

Design – Seoul National University

this quote got me: “to train creative designers of the 21st century” and “to become a global cradle for creating novel design value.”

This course seems to have a product design feel to it, but seems to have a good approach and that coupled with there facilities may be a good fit for me.


• Mock-up Production using CNC machine and RP machine

• UX Lab in which usability evaluation and interview recordings are possible

• Large size photo printer which covers up to A0 size banners

• Computer room which allows more than 30 people to research with computers

• Large lecture room which is able to hold multi-media classes for around 100 people

• Classrooms, equipped with 60 inches LED monitors or wired projectors

• S&D Hall for design exhibitions, conferences and workshops

• Every kind of digital equipment that can be rented to students

Craft – Seoul National University

Craft is actually split into 2 majors, Ceramics which appears to have all the facilities i’m used to and a few more things from the looks of it. and the other major is metalwork and jewellery, now here are some exciting toys, metal work chemical lab. blacksmithing workshop and forging machine aren’t a bad start.


[Ceramics Major]

– Studios for each grade, equipped with personal work tables and shelves, clay extractor,
clay mixer, electronic wheel and heating/cooling systems.

– Product ceramic studio, equipped with vacuum blunger for plaster, drying system, plaster
wheel, plaster level system, solid casting system and blunger.

– Outdoor firewood kiln and kiln studio, equipped with various sizes of gas kilns, electronic
control kilns and a traditional kiln.

– Outdoor studio, equipped with poteumil, spray booth, glaze remover and glaze grinder.

– Soil mulch removing lab, equipped with clay mixer and clay extractor.

– Glazes lab, equipped with electronic scale and various equipments for experiments.

[Metalwork and Jewelry Major]

– Metalwork studio for doctoral course.

– Metalwork chemical Lab, equipped with electroforming and anodizing machine.

– Metalwork studio for master course.

– Metalwork studio for undergraduate course.

– Metalwork workshop, equipped with laser welder, casting, and rolling mill.

– Metal-forming workshop, equipped with TIG welder, MIG welder.

– Blacksmithing workshop, equipped with forging machine.

emerging artists in korea:

Study Support centre in Korea: