In looking for a masters course, I came across the term, “post digital” and further than that, “post Digital artist”. How is this defined?

#postdigitalism primarily refers to the exploration of new avenues dealing with the extraction of the digital into the physical, the result of which aims to create hybrid artworks. Artworks resulting from the cross between two diverse realities. That of the physical existence and that of the abstractness of the digital world.- Theo-Mass Lexileictous

I think this LITERALLY PERFECTLY describes my work and also what i enjoy, i think that this is where i want to go and how i want to practice and I would happily categorise myself as a postdigital artist, or at least maybe one day i could.


Artist Research

“There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face”

― William Shakespeare

Unfinished sculptures

I like these digitally formed Michelangelo sculptures, they look like they have been carved out of a pixelized stone block, its a great contrast of material ideals and digital and real world concepts.

Another sculpture which is very similiar in concept to this is this pixelated statue of David. 


Katsuyo Aoki

This really doesn’t have much todo with my current project, but they are just so beautiful, wonderful ceramic porcelain sculptures that are hand made. they remind of fractal art, with out the digital nature of them. very intricate and detailed pieces.


Do Ho Suh

Do HO Suh’s art isn’t digital, but it has this human quality to it i like and on top of that the faces wallpaper he made reminds me of my faceplates laid out. his art is like a celebration of humanity or being floored as humans, the emotional perseverance of people and integrity. i feel like he is looking down the same avenues of art with emotions such as myself. 

Data art, the art of how data can be interpreted through identity

I found some artists that I considered relevant and inspirational to my work and the concepts i am looking at.

Sterling Crispin

By utilising facial recognition and algorithms designed to pic out specific codes that make up the data a machine uses to recognise ones face. that compilation of data is exposed and turned back on the machine to essentially highlight whats really being seen. These meta faces these illusive characters are formed and create a rather amorphous mask structure that can be essentially viewed as mutations.

though i’m not looking at the idea masks as an art form, they are very unique and so intrinsically linked to the digital age, who we are and what is happening. this art is definitely in the same range as my own concepts.


Digital Identities 

These sculptures express how an analogue snapshot of complex digital identities can be presented. Based on four de­fined cri­te­ria all sculp­tures are compa­ra­ble in their form, size and ex­pres­sion. generating those sculp­tures based upon the particles only, time is added as an under­lying factor. these complex generations of a persons interest, communication habits and behaviours are expressed through 3d printing and suclpture.

the sculptures created are a unique snapshot of ones online identity.


Eyal Gever

I find this work so interesting,  simulations that are used to recreate conditions of real world disasters, natural or otherwise. Partical and physics simulations, are used to create the conditions of how the forms will change. its so interesting to view and explore his art and understand how these shapes in there most basic forms suffer under the weight of these conditions.


Looking at how digital matter changes forms is very similiar to how my own work decimates the faces and abstracts them from there original forms. this art is the next level, coding physics simulations, digital identity measurement. this is something that my work could evolve into.

Digital artists and art


I thought this digital piece by Kyuin-Shim was really relatable to that idea of digital connectivity i’m looking at, that idea of connection and sharing is so literal within this abstract facade. i would like to see this sculpture become a fountain in real life.

Adam Martinakis

How beautiful is this! Adam Martinakis always produces such wonderful exciting digital art, there is an idea of material contrast in his art, in the piece above its like a visceral concept of taste. I love it. I want to see these formed in real material and sculpture.


This art is so good, they are great digital pieces that don’t really need to transcend there current medium but i think the reason i find them so appealing it because they aspire in essence to be physical and real.

Prototyping Head Bases

I am really struggling with the shaping and layout of the head. In an ideal world it would be a bust like a roman emperor. but i just simply wont be able to get the bronze faceplates to stick on. So i need to rely on gravity. I printed a few little prototypes to establish a good idea of shape and aesthetic.Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 18.00.59

I also polled a few of my friends on what they preferred.11101481_10206345553059281_1078180770_n

In the end i chose this shape and i also printed the faceplate that goes on top. this was a great proof of concept, now i know it works!

though there is that issue of the shape not being a perfect circle.