British Ceramics Biennial

Press Print To Make

Ingrid sent me a brief that the BCB were doing to have some 3d printed ceramics done with a new experimental ceramic, powder at the festival by Michael Eden. I submitted my design and was told it would be put into the build.

I got an update from Michael and he sent over a picture, as well as updated his blog.12309159_10208072172063677_878194581_n

The material looks like it has no striations or flaws typical of extruder printers, which is a great step forward for ceramic printing. These are pre bisque so are in a green state.

I have been told i will be further updated when they have been bisque fired. EXCITED!

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Finishing off the bronze masks

With my wax faces cast, I need to polish and clean them up. I worked on them, grinding the edges on a wheel until it was smooth and even.

I ground at the backs of the faces, because they didn’t have a clean fit to the ceramic. I worked them pretty hard the faces lost quite a bit of weight which was beneficial.

I sand blasted the pieces and filed the facets, to refine them. Next was to patina them. I did consider polishing them to a shine. But I thought a patina would work nicely with the bronze colouring.

The results after polishing with some steel wool.IMG_3852_2